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A friendly face can make the world of difference


Companionship care is fundamental in maintaining the quality of life, and certainly ensure the provision of dignified care and support that clients to leading autonomous lives.

After relocation or bereavement, life can become challenging when your loved ones are no longer close to you. For that reason, Rynes Healthcare supports individuals like you to reduce the feelings of loneliness and support you to regain the confidence you need to live the life you want. 

We will consider your interests or hobbies and match you or your loved one with care workers who will work well with you and enjoy your time together. We always seek to ensure that our team are proficient to support you with the help you need to enjoy relaxed moments.

We maintain continuity of care by providing a team of regular care workers for each client to facilitate the built trust between clients and care workers, which often leads to genuine friendships and improves the quality of our clients' lives.  


Our trusted team of care workers will support you to maintain safety in your home environment, while provide inclusive care:  

  • Emotional support 

  • Respite care to allow family carers to take a break

  • Live-in-care

  • Night care

  • Assistance with medication

  • Meals preparations

  • Access to local services and social activities

  • Personal care and assistance with physical transfers and mobility

  • Household tasks including hoovering, cleaning and laundry.

If you or loved one needs a companion, please contact our team for further information or arrange for a visit.


+447361 822 842



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