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 Makes life a lot easier

As we age or become frail with disabling conditions, it becomes difficult to wash ourselves, get dressed or undress, and may need some assistance with personal care at home.  Accepting help, with washing and getting dressed could be difficult to come to terms with, having been independent and private throughout our lives.

However, Rynes Healthcare provides you with the support you or loved ones needs in maintaining your independence. This may be assistance with washing those areas that you are struggling to reach like your back or feet, or support with getting in and out of bed.

Our team dedicated of loyal and experienced care workers will provide with  oral hygiene and personal assistance such as showing, bathing, grooming, bed wash or toileting and continence support, etc with assurance that you privacy will be respected. This will enable you continue living at home with dignity, which cannot be compared to moving to a care home. 

If you would like some assistance with personal care, please contact our team for further information


+447361 822842



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