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Holding Hands

Palliative Care    End of Life Care at Home

 Supports clients and families through
              the difficult times


People are normally referred to palliative care when they are no longer for curative treatment, or when they are in the last year of their life, while others may be approaching the last weeks or days of their life. Consequently, many people choose to receive end of life care at home rather than in hospices or hospitals. 


Rynes Healthcare provides end of life care at home to support and optimise in relieving your symptoms. We will work closely with your family and friends and provide them with the support they need.


However, as most people do not feels comfortable with providing personal care for their loved ones. It is in such situations that we support individuals and care for their needs in a dignified and respectful approach. 

We are dedicated to support you during such difficult times within your own home surroundings. We will collaboratively work with you, your family, Health and Social Care Professionals including, Doctors, Clinical Speciality Nurses and Community Nurses to establish a suitable routine for your care, and together develop a personalised care package to meet your changing needs, providing inclusive care:  

If you need support with End Of Life Care, please contact the team for further information.


+447361 822842



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